View a wallet's Kudos tokens


Suppose that you have an application that displays various NFTs / tokens that the user owns. This would be a perfect place to show the user's Kudos tokens by calling our GET APIs (and it won't require you to obtain an API key!)

APIs needed

The GET /wallets/:address/tokens endpoint with the query param claimStatus=claimed would be apt for this scenario, as you'd want to list all tokens that a given address has already claimed (ie owns in their wallet). This particular endpoint should return enough information about the Kudos token for a list/table view (headline, tokenId, assetUrl).
However, if you want to obtain more metadata about a particular Kudos, you will need to call the GET /tokens/:tokenId endpoint.

Case Study - Mazury

​Mazury, the talent platform that allows you to build your web3 professional presence, shows off various credentials that a user has, including their Kudos tokens.
As an example, check out this user profile and their Kudos tokens: