Overview of MintKudos

What is MintKudos?

Simply put, MintKudos is a way for you to mint NFTs for your achievements.
More concretely, each Kudos token represents some achievement in the form of a non-transferable, ERC-1155 compatible token. The smart contract lives on the Polygon network, so any Polygon-compatible NFT viewer can show your NFTs :)

Why MintKudos?

  • Create non-transferable recognition tokens for your community in seconds with little to no code, in-app, in-chat (Discord), or via APIs. No need to wait for approval.
  • No gas fees! Use our app, Discord bot, or APIs for free and we'll cover gas fees.
  • You can see your Kudos in popular NFT viewers / marketplaces, including OpenSea, Rarible, Metamask, Rainbow (we're one of the few Polygon NFTs that shows up in your Rainbow wallet), Tally Ho, and more.
  • Track and increase community engagement with meaningful digital recognition. End-users can build up their digital reputation over-time by collecting Kudos tokens.

How should I use Kudos?

If you're part of any community (web2, web3, digital-native, non-digital-native) and you want to recognize someone's achievements, you can use Kudos!
We've had hundreds of communities use Kudos and all sorts of ways. Here are some examples:
  • Winning awards
  • Hitting a project milestone
  • Completing a job
  • Organization & job position credentialing
  • Proof of donation to a cause
  • Being an exceptional performer / contributor
  • Participating in an event
  • Leveling up a skill
  • …and many more

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate every human’s achievements and empower them to accomplish more. We’re building technology that helps people take control of their own lives: at work, school, and in play. Whether it’s about earning a new skill credential, winning a competition, or simply being a reliable teammate, it’s now possible to take every incredible moment with you no matter where you go.
In hopes to enable individuals to turn hard-earned life achievements into previously unimaginable opportunities, we've built our flagship product, MintKudos.