Why use the MintKudos APIs

It's abundantly clear that fostering a strong & engaged community is necessary, whether you're a social group or a SaaS product. Recognizing their contributions and achievements in the form of portable, non-transferable NFTs is a great way to help you engage your communities.
You're probably wondering - well I'm sold but how does using the MintKudos APIs help me get there? Let us tell you how!

Abstract away the smart contract layer

Minting portable, non-transferable NFTs for your community members to show off sounds great in idea, but the actual smart contract development can be a pain to work with.
You'd need to first write the smart contract, then figure out how to deploy it, and then think about how to upgrade & maintain infrastructure so that your community members have easy access to the tokens and can easily derive utility from it.
We manage all of this for you under the hood, and we provide these capabilities in the form of simple, easy-to-use APIs that are more familiar to most developers.


On top of this, we pay for any gas fees incurred by the blockchain transactions so neither you nor your community members have to worry about owning crypto.

Responsive & agile team

We are an experienced team of engineers that have built & maintained mission-critical distributed services at large tech companies in the past (AWS, Azure, Atlassian, to name a few). Anytime there are issues or updates that need to be made to the APIs, we will be quick to triage & resolve them. You can focus on what's most important for you - provide value for your community members - instead of worrying about the maintenance overhead of managing smart contracts and associated infrastructure.